About Me


My name is David, and I am now a father.

The goal of The Unprepared Father is to share my story as I learn to be a parent.

I have been a teacher for 8 years, and the owner of a screenprinting business for about half as long. Those have been challenging and rewarding jobs, but I have a feeling those will be nothing compared to what parenting entails.

Beyond teaching and screenprinting, I love the Ducks and the Blazers. Photography is a hobby of mine. I used to be a runner. Portland is my favorite city. I could eat pho or tortas everyday. Bruce Springsteen and Brian Fallon are my favorite musicians. I started writing in high school and still love it today. My favorite beer varies depending on when you ask me, but lately I’ve been loving Barley Brown’s.

I started seriously writing this blog over on my Moreland Print page because I thought it would be something I worked on for a week and then gave up on. Well, it’s still alive, so I thought it deserved a proper WordPress blog.

Thanks for reading. I hope you learn something and get a laugh.

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