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Bathtime for Bozos

January 27, 2015

Last week we gave Lela her first bath.

Well, that’s not true. Meghaan and her mother gave Lela a bath. I just got in the way and shot pictures.

In my post about being too freaked out to hold Lela when I’m drinking, I talked about how scared I was that I would drink a beer and drop Lela.

Can you imagine what I would do with a slippery baby? I had this vision of me holding Lela over the sink, watching her slip out of my arms like the GIF where the guy is hugging the fish who he thinks is his friend but is in fact not his friend.

By the way, I am long past the fear of drinking and holding Lela. Nowadays I can change her diaper when it’s dark, the dogs are barking, and I’m blind drunk. It’s nothing!

The best part of her first bath, for me, was getting all of these great photographs. Such pretty colors and a beautiful little baby! The best part for Lela was probably getting that layer of milk removed from her neck folds. It was starting to ferment and she was beginning to smell like a Belgian farmhouse.

For the record, I’m just kidding about changing diapers under those conditions. Nobody could possibly focus with those shrill hell beasts howling in the background.

Oh, and the title “Bathtime for Bozos” is an homage to something my friend Matt told me about his childhood. He said every night his dad would stand, clap his hands, and say “Well, bedtime for bozos”, meaning it was time to brush your teeth and head to your room. I love that and am going to use it with Lela.

OK, here’s what you came for- the pictures. Enjoy!



_MG_0521 _MG_0532 _MG_0537  _MG_0562_MG_0549 _MG_0569 _MG_0574 _MG_0583

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