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Beer Rocks

December 23, 2014

Shoutout to my mom for coming through with a 4-pack of Lagunitas 22s.

I’m really excited to drink them. But my first instinct wasn’t putting them on ice.

The first thing that I thought was “these would look great in Lela’s little rocking chair!”


Dave, what happened to you.

Your thought first about Lela and then connected your beer to her in the most random way.

I love beer so much. I like to make it and drink it and talk about it. Beer is the best.

Well, beer WAS the best.

I’m not sure I like beer any more.

On Thursday night Meghaan and I went and had a nice dinner at Willem’s and then went to Loowit for a couple beers. I had a couple more beers at home.

We didn’t know it, but that was our last night together as people without children. We were celebrating and celebrating requires a beer or ten.

I used to love beer.

Since then, things have changed. You know, there’s this baby that we’re suddenly responsible for.

We had people over last night. Most of them were drinking beer or wine.

I had an 8-ounce glass of beer.

I got really paranoid.

Can I still change a diaper? What if Lela needs something? Will I drop her?

I’m drunk.

Wait, no I’m not. Not even close. But I didn’t want to be, either.

I need to be ready. When she wails, I need to be able to respond. Lela needs me.

No time for a hangover.

I hope I like beer still. Beer rocks. Even when it’s not sitting in a rocking chair.

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