Dogs, New Baby

Can dogs be around babies?

December 9, 2014

Meghaan and I have two dogs. Their names are Lola and Alfie and you will read plenty about them in the next few months.

Meghaan really loves the dogs and I love Meghaan so the dogs are still allowed to live in this house.

I think they’re the exact opposite of what I expect Lela will be. I think that a baby will be extremely time consuming and exhausting and probably noisy and smelly and VERY expensive. She will most likely cause some inconveniences and make us plan around her and our lives will never be the same. But those are all good things when you consider that the trade-off is you have a beautiful little semi-replica of yourself and your partner that loves you more than anything and dotes on you like nobody ever has and relies on you for her livelihood and inspires you every time she does anything.

The dogs, by the way, are all of the things that I mentioned above but there is no love or doting. Only noises and smells and expenses and inconveniences and making plans and changing our lives. And biting. Lots of biting.

We need to figure out a way to give our dogs some space and get them away from the main part of the house so we can have people walking in and out and Lela can roam around and they won’t be in the way. So we built them this neat little doggy area.

It looks nice, doesn’t it? Well it isn’t quite as cozy as it looks if you zoom out. It is the bottom shelf of the workbench in our garage, right between the fridge and the Shop-Vac.

Our dogs are so unpredictable that we have to store them in the same place we store weed killer and hammers.

I really don’t have a lot of faith in the dogs. I don’t think they can safely be around a child. Alfie once bit the mailwoman so badly that they would not deliver our mail until we installed a curbside box. And Lola snarls from under the bed anytime Alfie even breathes in her direction. She’s a little Pomeranian troll, deciding who shall and shall not pass.

What would a baby do in a world like this?

Meghaan loves the dogs and I love Meghaan and they will probably love our baby like we do. But for now they sleep under the wrenches, Mexican sodas, and the table saw.

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