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Can I be a parent?

December 6, 2014

This is probably a pretty common question.Can I be a parent?I know I’m the father. This isn’t some Maury Povich moment. This is my child.

How do I be a parent? What does that even mean?

This hit me as I started cleaning out my garage. Look at it. It’s a mess.

Really. It’s a mess.
I can’t keep a garage clean. How can I keep a baby clean?And how do I make sure I don’t lose it in this mess? What if I set her down when I come out here to grab a screwdriver and I can’t find her? She could be buried under a stack of books, or a box of newspapers, or the Christmas pillows.I could easily lose a baby in this mess.

Our baby is due in less than a month. The inside of our house is ready. Her outfits for the next 18 months are ready. I even think Meghaan is ready.
I can’t even keep my garage clean. Am I ready?

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