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Coors and Camouflage

December 21, 2014

Today my wonderful brother Jon and his fiancée Haley came to meet Lela.

I love Jon because he’s my brother.

I also love him because he wears camouflage animal shirts and beer hats.

Lela looked at him with such admiration. And I think he admired her too. It’s hard to look at a baby who’s just over 24 hours old and not feel inspired.

Yesterday you were inside your mother’s belly. Today you’re here, staring longingly at my corduroy hat with red Coors stitching.

And she loved Haley. They bonded and Lela looked at Haley and Jon like she already knows they’re kick-butt.

They’re gonna be buddies.

Jon just sent me a text. He said “I miss Lela. What’s she up to these days?”

That’s the great thing about having a baby. Now she gets to meet all the people I know and love. My family, friends, students, parents, and anyone else who is a part of my life.

She’s lucky. We’re lucky. And I think everyone who meets her will feel lucky too.

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