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Feel Good Friday

January 9, 2015

Lela Meg

Back in my teaching days (last December, which feels like an eternity ago), I used to do something called “Feel Good Friday”.

It was simply a way of getting my kids to talk to me. I would stand in the front of the room and try to get them hyped up by telling them about all the dumb things I was excited about because it was Friday.

Some common themes included the Ducks, sleeping, food, and going to Astoria.

And then they would sort of get into it, and start sharing their own exciting news for the weekend. But not in the way a 10-year-old would, where they would be eager to share and would know that they’re doing cool stuff and would die if they couldn’t tell everyone.

Teenagers do it differently.

They do it in a weird way where they raise their hand maybe an inch above the table and if I notice them then it’s like, whatever, you know. But it’s just whatever, because like Cummings is like whatever and I don’t even.

But I would notice the hand and call on that kid and get really excited about their volleyball tournament or the fact that their cousins were coming over for the weekend or that they were going to church on Sunday.

Let me take a step back and say that I NEVER heard a kid say that they were excited that they could go to church when I was in high school. Either the churches or the kids or both have changed.

Anyway, the kids talk about their plans and we clap and cheer and celebrate.

Well, “we” really means me and a couple other kids. But me and those few kids would celebrate SUPER HARD.

I miss doing Feel Good Fridays with the kids. It was a great way to end a week full of ups and downs in the life of a teenager. And the life of an adult who works with teenagers.

So I want to do a Feel Good Friday right here, because I am feeling really good and it’s Friday.

School normally starts at 7:30, so I’m posting this at 7:30. If not, I would be late.

Today, I am feeling good that I have these three in my life. 

I have Meghaan, who met me when I looked like a damned caveman and still somehow wanted to date me. 

I have Lela, who is so precious and chirps like a bird and when she is not crying or eating or pooping, she is the cutest thing I have ever seen.

I have Alfie, who is ugly and smells bad and may or may not want to eat Lela Bean.



Lela Alfie

Lela Long Body

Lela Meg BW


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