I am having a baby so I am writing a blog

December 6, 2014

Today Meghaan and I went to cut down a Christmas tree, and on the way we were talking about my Moreland Print blog, which I occasionally post to but I just don’t know what to write sometimes. I love to write, but I don’t really have a lot to offer in terms of screenprinting education. People already do that way better than I do, so why try to do it as good as them?
We talked about what sorts of things I think about, and the answers were:
The Ducks.
The Blazers.
Our baby.
Those are in no particular order.I think I am going to start writing about having a baby. That seems like an interesting subject, because everyone was a baby at some point so we can all relate.Also, I have no idea how to be a parent so I am kind of freaked out. It’s a weird mix of eagerness and terror. I can’t describe it but if you have had a child, you know what it feels like.

I can’t wait to meet Lela. She is due January 1. The Ducks are playing football that day and if they win they will play for the national title. Should be a pretty relaxing, stress-free day for me and Meghaan.

We have spent months getting things set up for our baby. She has her own room and a nice organic mattress with clean sheets and a little blue pear thing on the nightstand which used to be my nightstand but the baby needs a nightstand so she got mine. We wrote her name in chalk rather than paint because if she is born a boy, Lela would be a terrible name for him. Her room is pretty well situated. She has 3 piggy banks.I think that our home is ready to hold a baby. But am I? What if I drop it? That seems like a bad thing to happen to a baby. I hope I don’t do that.
I am forgetful and I will set something down and walk away, and I will completely forget what I was doing in the first place until several hours have passed.
What if I am holding the baby and I remember that I need to put the clothes in the dryer so I put the baby down on the couch in the basement and start doing laundry and then decide to get a snack so I go upstairs and then Lela has been sitting on the couch waiting for me to pick her up for hours?
And babies go to the bathroom a lot and need to eat a lot of milk so she would be in a really bad mood from sitting there alone for so long.
People have been doing this forever. People have babies and they screw it up and the baby is usually fine. And Meghaan and I are really capable people who can usually make good decisions.
But what if I am the exception? What if I prove that you really CAN screw up a baby?I guess we will find out. I hope I don’t drop her or leave her sitting on the couch for hours.

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