It’s Messy But It’s Worth It

October 18, 2015

Tonight I said something that I want myself and Meghaan to remember.

I said it when Lela was shoving handfuls of beets and kidney beans in or near her mouth. The level of accuracy wasn’t high, but her enthusiasm and sense of wonder certainly were.

The beans and beets went everywhere, and she could not have been happier. She smiled and giggled and kept shoveling the food towards her face. She really didn’t care how much she ate, so long as she could keep grabbing more and flinging the pile of foodstuffs at herself.

And I said aloud, sort of for myself but also really for Meghaan to hear:

“It’s messy but it’s worth it.”

I need to remember that as we move forward.

Life has not been easy lately. That’s not to say that anything catastrophic has happened; just that we are in the middle of some exhausting, complicated events.

I am working harder than I have ever worked, and sleeping less than I should, and I am feeling really drained.

We are selling and buying a house, and the process of planning to move our entire life a mere 6 blocks away is overwhelming.

Lela is teething, and learning to crawl, and she hates being held but she can’t move around on her own so you have to hold her and pray she doesn’t scream.

And so on and so forth.

But when you get beyond the messiness, this is all really awesome stuff, and it is all making our lives worth living.

So I want to tell myself now, and hopefully remind myself down the road, “It’s messy but it’s worth it.”

Lela couldn’t agree more.

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