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December 28, 2014

The dogs continue to move in and jockey for proximity to baby Lela.

Alfie took to the blanket on the couch. We had Tom and Marilyn bring this back from the hospital a couple days before we came home so the dogs could learn Lela’s smell.

Alfie learned it. And then he moved on. Baby blanket? More like dog fort material.

Lola, on the other hand, already had a chance to meet Lela this week, so she’s gaining momentum much faster.

Her bed is below Lela’s crib. This way she can either protect or maul the baby, depending on her mood at that moment.

The dogs know there’s a new pack member. I’m just not sure what they think about it.

Are they welcoming her by trying to be a part of the things that belong to her? Or are they defending their turf and letting Lela know that the blanket and crib belong to the gang now?

Only time will tell.

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