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Lela Finds Her Face

January 17, 2015

Yesterday was a big day for baby Lela. She went on an exploration, and what she found shook her to her core.

It started out like any other day. There were several feedings and lots of poops and plenty of scream cries and a handful of naps.

But enough about my morning. Lela also did some of those things.

Suddenly, her whole world was shifted when she made a shocking discovery.

Lela was exploring with her hands. And Lela found her face.

She was just squirming around on the bed and I was doing my fatherly duty of taking pictures as she kicked and squealed and tried to tell me something.

As she wiggled around, she put her hands on her own face.

That startled her.

She sat there for a second in awe of this strange sensation, and then she recoiled and her face puckered up. You’d think she just sucked on a lemon.

I don’t know what she was thinking when this all happened, but I’m happy I got to watch this great discovery take place.


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      Thanks again for sharing these posts. It was great to be featured on your page!

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