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Lela Turns Four Months

April 25, 2015

On Monday Lela turned four months old, and I still can’t believe that much time has already passed. 

That means that just four short months ago, I was pulled out of class to go meet Meghaan and my mom in the hospital. Hours later, we met Lela. And our lives were changed forever. 

It has only been three months since this photo shoot. Back then she was all skin and bones. She just cried and slept and pooped and sat there, staring at us and wondering if we knew what we were doing. And we wondered the same thing. 

Now she’s older, chunkier, and so much more interactive. She loves to play, smile, and kick her daddy in the groin. She’s a real kick in the pants.

She loves to look around at the moving objects overhead and different faces in the room and any bright lights. She really enjoys long walks with her mom and their friends Brighid and Jackson. Sometimes Blanca the golden retriever comes and walks with them. Lela loves when that happens. 

This has been an incredible experience. An incredibly frustrating, rewarding, challenging, positive, life-changing experience. 

And we wouldn’t trade it for the world. 



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