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New Year

January 1, 2015

Last night, Meghaan and I had a New Year’s Eve unlike any other year.

We sat on the couch and I held Lela as we watched a movie and then Meghaan fed Lela and I drank a beer and we had nachos and fell asleep right around 12:01.

That’s pretty different from any other year that I can remember.

When my friends and I were in our late teens we started renting beach houses and partying at the coast. And since then there’s always been a big celebration to ring in the new year. Lots of food and drinks and dancing and a bit of madness.

The party was different this year. And that’s not a bad thing.

As long as you have good company, the party is still fun. And I couldn’t ask for anyone better than these two ladies to share my NYE celebration with.

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