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Old Habits Die Hard

February 12, 2015

It’s funny what you remember from your youth. Some people, events, and habits really stand out.

I remember my aunts and uncles. From the trips to the zoo, to reunions at the vineyard, to skipping contests in Idaho.

I remember riding my bike off of a wall to see what would happen. That was one of the dumbest things I have ever done and I still have the scars to prove it. I honestly have no idea what I thought could possibly happen.

I remember obsessing over mundane details. Once I spent hours at Tower Records trying to decide between a Too Short and 2 Live Crew tape, ultimately just deciding to buy one single from each album. I still find myself obsessing about meaningless details and it is really annoying.

I don’t know if Lela will remember that she did this, but she has had an adorable habit since she was only one hour old. She has always put her hands up to her head when she sleeps, like a boxer trying to defend her jaw. I found a picture of her in the hospital from 9:30 the morning she was born, which means she was around 60 minutes old. She’s in her defensive stance.

I found another picture from when she was about five weeks old and she’s doing the same thing. She’s keeping her gloves up, always ready to brawl.

On Saturday she will be eight weeks old and she will probably still sleep with her hands up by her face. Old habits die hard, you know.

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