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One Month Old

January 22, 2015

On the 20th, Lela turned 1 month old. We thought about all the ways a 1-month-old would want to celebrate, and we agreed that putting her in a onesie with a chalkboard paint heart on it, writing on her chest with a chalk pen, and putting her in various poses for a lengthy photo shoot was the only way to go.

She responded really well. It’s almost like she was built for this type of work. I wouldn’t be surprised if she someday becomes a model.


At first she seemed apprehensive. Maybe even curious.

Next she balled her fists, as if to say “oh my gosh I am so excited for this that I have to make fists to show you how excited I am.”

Then when Meghaan set Lela on the blanket, Lela looked into Meghaan’s eyes and seemed to think “mom, you are the best and this is the best and I love everything about this.”

Immediately after Meghaan let her go, Lela shrieked “WOW I KNEW THIS WOULD BE FUN BUT OH MY GOD THIS IS UNREAL!!!”

And then she wiggled around and did this little happy dance and squealed with joy.

Finally, she brought her legs and arms tight into her body and cried to the heavens, sending the message that “this is how I will look if you ever put an end to all of this fun.”


Lela had a wonderful one-month birthday. Thanks to everyone who made it possible. Special thanks to my mother Beth and the Baynes & Co. sweatshop for the custom chalkboard onesie. She loved it and she wants nothing more than for the next month to fly by so she can do this all over again.


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