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Plan B

December 19, 2014

People have told me that you can’t have a plan when you’re having a baby. You should have expectations and you need to be educated and you can hope that things go a certain way. But the only plan is to plan to be flexible. Otherwise, you’ll be disappointed.

That’s so true. We planned to have a couple weeks before Lela shows up.

We had plans for her birth and how we would watch the Ducks play in the Rose Bowl and start the new year with a new baby.

We had plans for Christmas and how we would go over to my mom’s and Meghaan would be super pregnant and probably uncomfortable.

We even had plans for tonight. We were supposed to be at the Bird Dog Creative holiday party, eating some amazing food from PDX Sliders and drinking all of Kim’s beer.

Tonight we will be in the hospital, watching a monitor and increasing Meghaan’s discomfort by way of a combination of drugs meant to force her into labor, and grabbing food from the grill downstairs. I doubt I will have any beer.

Fortunately Meghaan is in good spirits. I may be more emotional than her, in fact. I hide it well and on the outside I probably seem the same, but inside I’m a mess.

This is surreal.

The highlight so far was when I was sitting next to Meghaan as she was reading some magazine my mom brought. I told her to look at the ad on the right.

“The moment was perfect”.

A couple snuggling, clearly post-coitus.

“But your plan for birth control wasn’t.”

This message brought to you by Plan B.

It’s such a funny juxtaposition. This couple knows they aren’t ready for a child. So they have an option. Plan B.

We aren’t ready for a child either. Not in the same way, of course. We just weren’t ready for her so soon.

So it’s time for our Plan B- induced labor and a baby before Sunday.

The moment will be as perfect as you could hope for. So long as you didn’t expect to have a plan.

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