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Shoutout to all the mothers

December 24, 2014

Being a parent isn’t easy. I’ve learned that in 3 short days.

Meghaan and I have master’s degrees. Our mothers are retired nurses. We have taken classes and read the articles and books and blogs that would best prepare us for parenting. Our friends were ready to support, and support they have.

And guess what- We are not prepared.

But we wanted to get pregnant. This was planned.

What if it wasn’t?

If you’re a teenage mother, unplanned mother, single mother, or anyone who doesn’t have everything figured out before baby arrives-

Shoutout to you.

If you are on your first or fifth baby. If you are a billionaire. If you are recently married. If you’re recently divorced.

If you’re someone raising a child, shoutout to you.

This is hard. But Meghaan and I feel very supported. We have each other and all of you and we know we can do this.

But it isn’t easy. And if you’re doing this and struggling, I just want you to know that I understand what it takes and I appreciate what you’re doing.

We all owe something to the people who raised us. And your child is not different. He or she owes you the world for your hard work.

Someday they’ll get it. For now, hang in there. This sucks. But it will be SO worth it when we see the life we’ve created, as they start to become their own people.

Now, go get some sleep. Even 20 minutes will save you later in the night.

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