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The bond between a girl and her mother

December 20, 2014

PictureMeghaan and her mother are very close, and it’s something I’ve never been able to understand. It doesn’t bother me or seem weird. It just isn’t relatable. I love my family and especially my parents, but not in the same way Meghaan cares for her mom.

It’s starting to make a whole lot of sense to me.

What a mother and her daughter go through isn’t easily described in words. From the process of giving birth there is a closeness that nobody will share with that child. The baby cannot do anything without the mother.

The father is sometimes helpful in the beginning, but really I’m a role player, just waiting to jump in when Meghaan is tired or hungry or needs a break. And I’m ok with that. Meghaan earned this baby. I can wait my turn.

And then the baby girl grows up and loves her mother and has a bond that nobody else can have with that little girl. One day the mother will watch the baby girl give birth to her own child. And the cycle continues.

I get why Meghaan adores her mother so much. It’s the same reason I adore Meghaan right now. She did something nobody else could do. Without Meghaan, there is no Lela.

I get the feeling Lela already gets that. She can’t say it yet, but she shows it in how she looks at Meghaan.

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  • Reply Patti Knowlton January 11, 2015 at 2:01 pm

    Make sure you print and save one for a ” grown up” Lela. Very, very, nice. She will love it!

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